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Welcome to Custom Heart Design, I am so happy you are reading this.

My name is Chris White, and I'm the Managing Heart Director at Custom Heart Design.  First off, I have to admit that I love jewelry... especially necklaces. It’s my go-to piece of jewelry.  A necklace compliments any outfit, and it always fits!  However, in my experience of working 30+ years in the fashion and jewelry industries, I’ve seen a lack of purpose behind jewelry pieces. Many store-bought items are mass-produced with overgeneralized designs.  I’ve discovered that personalization in the jewelry industry is what makes jewelry meaningful.

I founded Custom Heart Design because I am passionate about sharing my love for jewelry and the purpose behind the pieces.

The store name sums up what I want the business to embody...

*Provide high-quality necklaces with CUSTOMized sentimental messages.

*Personalize messages that will touch a HEART.

*Cultivate the perfect DESIGN for you and your loved one.

I’m excited to help you find the perfect gift and personalize it with a sentimental love note so that your loved one will wear it knowing it was uniquely designed with love. 

If you would like something customized for your specific moment, a name, date, or place added to a product, please CHAT with us.  

Thank you for taking the time to read My Story.  Please reach out to me anytime, I love to hear from our customers.

Live Life Shining!